Collection of projects created between 2016 — 2021. Specialized projects across design politics, education, transition design, spatial epistemologies and music.

Currently I do research at The Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities and Cultural Heritage, also find me at EVER-GOING-PRESENT NETWORK and as part of the TERRITORIALIZING WITHIN COLLECTIVE.

︎ Events 2021

︎Ever-Going-Present Workshops
@ Gönn Dir! Wien Stadt
March 2021. Vienna, Austria

︎Beyond Ethics as an Outcome
@ Cambridge Art Festival, Cambridge University
April 2nd 2021.Cambridge, United Kingdom

︎“These words are not mine, who gave them away?” @ National Library of Norway
June 2nd 2021. Oslo, Norway

︎(Art)ificial intelligence: ethics and aesthetics of computer creativity and intellectual property @ RightsCon
June 8th 2021. San Francisco, US

︎“An invitation to Unuttered Rest” @ Sonic Territories Festival 2021
July 1st-4th 2021. Vienna, Austria

︎“Symbiotic bonds: An algorithmic Soundwalk
@ European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools 2021

September 2021. Vienna, Austria

︎“Symbiotic bonds: An algorithmic Soundwalk
@ Ars Electronica 2021

September 2021. Vienna, Austria

︎Violence: PARSE Biennial Research Conference
@ the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts, University of Gothenburg

November 2021. Gothenburg, Sweden