Landscape Microfutures - speculative landscape interventions, climate resilience, and future food security, with Downtown Mexico City as our primary site for speculation.

Aleyda Rocha


duration 2 weeks full time / 15 hours per week

Bachelor, Master Professional

keywords Design Futures, Political Ecology, Design Research

course format


course description
Earth’s climate is changing, and this raises a multitude of associated problems for society. The required solutions need to combine knowledge and skills from all sciences. This course will cover the scientific backgrounds for understanding climate change, including the drivers of climate change, both natural and anthropogenic, together with associated problems related to for example politics, economy, health issues, agriculture, and human migration. Also, potential solutions will be presented and discussed by drawing on knowledge from all disciplines. The course will bring together students with backgrounds in different university sciences to form cross-disciplinary groups that address different specific issues of climate change through casework.

in this course, you will be introduced to
• Account for central concepts in ecosystem ecology.

• Describe and explain the most important global and regional environmental problems of today, different actors' contributions to the problems as well as the development of the problems over time.

• Given a global or regional environmental problem, identify and assess possible measures for improvement.

• Discuss consequences for the interpretation of sustainable development based on the concept of ecological carrying capacity.

• Define a socio-technical system with relevant system boundaries as well as identify and analyze the environmental impact associated with the system and potential improvement measures.

who is this program for?
Artists, designers, makers, and pretty much anyone interested in human, in non-human life and their future. Come join us. Enthusiastic like-minded community included. No experience is necessary.