Y§ou Are The Dream Of Poles Awoken
Two places unknown of each other meeting for the first time
and connecting and diverging and reflecting on each other

You are The Dream of Poles Awoken is an extended research and data exploration on how sense of belonging and the concept of home is built by mobility, pride, education, shame, nature and transforms within time in Akkarfjord, Norway and Atacama, Chile.
Two poles: One in the north of Norway where we find a small village of 100 people, and the other located in the Atacama Desert, where the Atacama communities live and transverse with the modern urban areas.

Remote communities have endured through time by building upon identity systems, supported by key spots that shape them. In these places is where the main tempo of the community is born and symptoms of change begin to emerge. These places drive influence and set the rhythm of the community, creating patterns in constant evolution.

Distance plays an important factor in the detachment and alienation we could feel from other communities, but digital access closes this gap, or fabricates the illusion that the gap has closed between us.
Tracing subjective cartographies towards the concepts explored, we could find patterns, rhythms and zones on influence that keep alive these places through the personal stories of the people that inhabit these places.

What are the common traits in these two contrasting communities? Is there a nuclear connection that links remote locations?

These series of explorations are a window opener to revoke preconceptions that have turned these locations into almost imaginary places to nationals and foreigners.