Mapping Complexity
The Wikimedia Foundation

The role of non-profits requires strengthening the cooperation at multilevel governance involving non-state actors, for example, scientific institutions, civil society. These actors support the development of multidisciplinary solutions for gender-sensitive policies, funding frameworks, and cooperation on innovating technology, as well as the transfer of knowledge to encourage and incentive participation, transparency and capacity building.

In this project we analyze  the current practices at the Wikimedia Foundation in relation to their direct and indirect approaches to sustainability through their aspirations at a global scale as a non-profit organization. The system and its intersections of activities from the organization and projects conceived by volunteers are explored.

1. What are the historical and present main projects from Wikimedia Foundation and how do they relate to sustainability from social, economic and ecological aspect?
2. How should projects at Wikimedia be structured in the future to reduce negative impacts from the studied socio-technical system?