Peace Machines

Past workshops:
Akkarfjord Skole, Sørøya, Norway. 2017
Guest Projects, London, United Kingdom. 2018

In order to face new transborder changes, communities are going through complex phases of societal integration.
When you have to embrace concepts like diversity and inclusion in such a fast paced political environment like europe, the presence of strong sites of influence are needed to support this transformation.

Peace Machines is a series of workshops for children between the ages of 11-15 years old where they are invited to create new inclusive spaces in their community that welcome people with different cultural backgrounds.
Schools are one the most important sites of influence in a community.
They can trace new mindsets, create networks with local industries and instill a huge respect for the past + prepare new generations for future living.

The first results showed a huge awareness of how mobility plays an important role in their need to connect with other communities and how the idea of "peace" translated into more open for all youth clubs.